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The Flames Club Annual Fund

Flames Club membership begins at just $60, with a total of nine membership levels culminating with the highest Scholarship Level ($25,000). Contributions may be unrestricted, so they may be used where needed most, or designated towards a sport Excellence Fund. Gifts designated to a Sport Excellence Fund do not qualify for seating, parking, or other privileges. Those making unrestricted gifts to the 2019 Flames Club are eligible for benefits for the 2019 football season, 2019-20 basketball season, and the 2020 baseball season. Contributions may be made by cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer; and may be paid in a lump sum or on a monthly or quarterly basis, with the balance due by December 31. If your organization matches contributions, please forward all matching paperwork to the Flames Club to receive full recognition and benefit credit for the entire gift, including the matched portion. The Flames Club operates under Liberty University's non-profit 501(c) (3) status, and donations that do not qualify for membership privileges may be tax-deductible, subject to each individual's tax situation (see your tax advisor).

Membership Referrals

The easiest way for current members to earn loyalty points and to increase support for Liberty Flames Athletics is to refer new members to the Flames Club. Everyone wins as the referring member enjoys enhanced points for seating and parking privileges, the new member enjoys participation in the Flames Club, and Liberty Athletics enjoys additional financial support. For more information, please see the loyalty points page on this website.

Deferred Giving

Deferred gifts can enable donors to support Liberty University Athletics in a greater capacity than they may have thought possible, and some gift types can provide current income to the donor and/or tax benefits. Some of the deferred gift options include charitable gift annuities, will bequests, life insurance gifts, and various types of charitable trusts. Contact the Flames Club for more information on deferred gift options.